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Face: Juana Azurduy de Padilla
was a guerrilla military leader from Chuquisaca (now Sucre). She fought for Bolivian independence alongside her husband, Manuel Ascencio Padilla, earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
Back: Façade of the Casa de la Libertad (House of Liberty), Sucre.
Built in 1621, one of the most historically significant buildings in Bolivia. Initially there was a college built by the Jesuits from 1621 onwards. This first educational institution was to lead to the creation of the university in 1624. The former Jesuit chapel was used for examinations and later became the Parliament Chamber at the beginning of the republic. It was there that on August 6, 1825 Independence and the Republic were proclaimed. The campaign was led by Simon Bolivar, to whom the country owes its name, and Antonio José de Sucre, from whom the city took its name. One then the other were successively the first two Presidents of this young republic. Today Casa de la Libertad is a museum dedicated to one of the most important times in Bolivia’s history
Signature: Jaime Rossel, Marcelo Zalles Barriga
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