To be a collector even today?

Many may think that collecting today in the time of television and Internet, changes in technology, mass consumption and constant "rain" of information and news that we receive (all prepared with little possibility of digesting them) is no longer interesting or is a waste of time.

Obviously I disagree, especially in our time we need some refuge and passion for a hobby that satisfies us and that awakens interest in deepening. In addition, the Internet offers us many possibilities that collectors before have not had: we can deepen in the search of information, know new features, compare prices and offers, contact other collectors worldwide directly and indirectly (for example, register in forums) - all this at any time and without moving.

We want to give on this site ideas and information as wide as possible for any type of collector on the different aspects of collecting paper money (world banknotes) but also for those who still have not initiated a (banknote) collection.
This includes also ideas and hints about:
How to start, what to collect, the different types of collections, how to achieve an attractive collection, how to preserve and expand our collection, where to buy, sell or exchange, to collect "simply" for pleasure and / or investment, hints and suggestions to avoid mistakes ...

In short:
To answer many questions we have but perhaps we dare not to ask or nobody will answer us.

We hope any collector will find here useful information that will help you to start (or expand your interest to continue) collecting (world) banknotes.

Our idea is to expand this site with your help.
(Any suggestions from you is very appreciated and will be helpful for other banknote collectors.

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