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Mountainous republic in Central Asia, More than fifty percent of the country is over 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) above sea level. Tajikistan borders in the south to Afghanistan, in the west to Uzbekistan, in the north to Kyrgyzstan and in the east to China, The country declared its independence in 1991 and is the smallest nation in Central Asia by area. Capital, Dushanbe.

Currency: Somoni (TJS, TSO).
The currency is divided into 100 diram for one somoni.

The somoni was introduced on 30 October 2000.It replaced the Tajikistani ruble, at the rate of 1 somoni = 1000 rubles.
The Tajikistani ruble was the currency of Tajikistan between May 10, 1995 and October 29, 2000. The Tajikistani ruble banknotes have a striking similarity to the 1961, 1991 and 1992 banknote series of the Soviet/Russian ruble, with similar size, colour scheme, positioning of objects and the font - because these notes were printed under the direction of Goznak, the official Russian agency responsible for the production of banknotes and stamps.

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