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Buying in TheWorldBanknoteShop.com is easy.

Just follow the following steps:

  1. Please choose the category or a country.
  2. Visualize the banknote (o artícle) that interests you.
    With a simple click you can see enlargements of the front
    and back of the banknotes and in many cases also interesting details (signatures, series ...).
  3. Select the banknote and add it to the basket.
    Then you can decide to continue buying or to process your order.

  4. If you wish to process your order you have the option to do so
    by registering.
  5. Choose a shipping mode.
  6. Select the payment method
    (within Europe we prefer bank transfer).
    If you wish to use another payment method, please clarify this with us
    in advance before placing any order.
  7. Confirm the order.

  8. You will then receive an automatic email from our system.
    (Please note, this is only a confirmation that you have successfully
    placed the order but not our order confirmation).
  9. You will usually receive the official confirmation
    and the acceptance of your order on the same
    or the next day together with our bank details and
    the current shipping costs (e.g. in case of weight discrepancies,
    changes in the postal tariff ...).

  10. Please make your payment within 3 days at the latest.
    (We appreciate if you inform us about your payment by e-mail
    in order not to delay the preparation and shipping).

Any doubt or question? Please contact us by e-mail.

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